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Milanode is a leading furniture and lighting fixtures company that provides customers with the highest quality products. The company's website and e-shop offer an extensive range of unique collections from well-known Italian and internationally recognized brands, featuring modern styles and exquisite quality.

Milanode's website and e-shop provide a user-friendly interface that allows customers to easily browse and purchase products online. The website is designed to showcase the products in the best possible way, with high-quality images and detailed product descriptions. Customers can filter products making it easy to find what they're looking for.


Milanode website is designed to provide an exceptional customer experience. With a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation, visitors can easily explore and discover the full range of services and products. The website also features engaging and informative content that helps customers make informed decisions.

Tailored CMS

Milanode's custom CMS provides them with the flexibility to manage their extensive product catalog, including furniture and lighting fixtures, in a streamlined and efficient manner. With the ability to easily add, edit, and delete products, as well as manage pricing and inventory, Milanode can ensure that their e-shop always provides customers with up-to-date information. The CMS also allows for the creation of customized product categories and filters, making it easy for customers to navigate and find exactly what they are looking for. In addition, the CMS integrates seamlessly with Milanode's ERP, payment and shipping systems, providing a smooth and hassle-free shopping experience for customers.

Milanode's website and e-shop provide a seamless shopping experience to their customers, allowing them to explore a wide range of furniture and lighting fixtures, as well as to easily make purchases online. With a custom CMS that caters to their high needs, Milanode has successfully created a platform that combines functionality and aesthetics.

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